scope of application

i. The following Privacy Policy applies to the services offered by Lunghezza D’Onda Srl in connection with the Showefy product and forms an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl. Lunghezza D'Onda Srl operates the services of Showefy under various top-level domains (,, etc.) and under various subdomains and aliases of those domains.

ii. By using and/or registering with Showefy, you expressly agree to this Privacy Policy. Showefy expressly reserves the right to amend or adapt the General Terms and Conditions at any time with prospective effect. The users will be informed of such amendments or adaptations by being sent the new Privacy Policy to the e-mail address provided by the relevant user during registration. If the Privacy Policy is amended, the user is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship in writing within a period of 30 days of being sent the amended Privacy Policy. If the user does not terminate the contractual relationship within that 30-day period, the amended Privacy Policy is deemed agreed on.

security & anonymity

i. Lunghezza D'Onda Srl makes every effort to protect the data entrusted to it by the users of Showefy against unauthorised access. By means of a sophisticated system of access permissions and technical protective measures such as firewalls, Lunghezza D'Onda Srl strives to ensure maximum data security.

ii. The use of Showefy is anonymous. The data transmitted to other users in the context of Showefy are always linked exclusively to the username chosen by the user. The user’s e-mail address remains confidential at all times. This ensures that the user’s identity is protected, and the user decides himself/herself whether and when the user reveals his/ her identity to other users.

iii. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraphs, in the case of any user who is using the services accessible on Showefy through a Showefy partner, Lunghezza D'Onda Srl may collect and submit to the respective Showefy partner certain data set forth in the General Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions for Retailers and this Privacy Policy.

authorisation & right of revocation

Pursuant to section 7 (1) item 2 of the Data Protection Act 2000, the user expressly authorises Lunghezza D'Onda Srl and the contractors of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl to collect, process and use all information in connection with the contractual relationship between the user and Lunghezza D'Onda Srl for the agreed purpose. The consent pursuant to section 7 (1) item 2 of the Data Protection Act can be revoked at any time.

collection, processing & use of personal data

i. For Lunghezza D'Onda Srl to provide the services specified in the General Terms and Conditions, it is necessary to collect, process and use personal data provided by the user, inter alia during the registration process.

ii. Upon registration, the user is requested to provide certain minimum information, which is required to complete the registration. These mandatory data are: e-mail address and password

iii. The user is also requested to provide further data during the registration process, such as: postal code/place of residence; date of birth; and sex.

iv. Showefy is accessed with the e-mail address specified during registration and the password chosen by the user.

v. Each time Showefy is accessed, usage data are transmitted by the relevant web browser and stored in so-called server log files. These data are: IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the computer used for access; user identifier on Showefy; name of the accessed page; date and time of access; the referrer URL (URL of origin), from which the user came to the accessed page; and the session identification number.

vi. Each time the user logs in to Showefy, the following usage data are stored in the so-called login data sets: date and time of the login; user identifier on Showefy; IP address (Internet Protocol address); number of the session cookies; and the session identification number.

purpose of collecting, processing & using personal data

The main purpose pursued by Lunghezza D'Onda Srl when collecting personal data is to enable the user to use the services provided by Showefy in a secure, efficient and personal manner. The personal data are, in particular, used for the following purposes: provision of the services of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl desired by the user; adaptation, assessment and improvement of the services of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl and the contents and advertising measures on Showefy or Showefy partners; notifications about services of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl, targeted marketing and promotional offers of cooperation partners of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl; sending of marketing communications; prevention, detection and investigation of possibly prohibited or illegal activities of users on Showefy; enforcement of the General Terms and Conditions of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl; and troubleshooting.

diclosure of personal data to third parties

Lunghezza D'Onda Srl does not sell, exchange or make any other unauthorised use of personal data and information. Lunghezza D'Onda Srl does also not disclose personal data of users to third parties, unless the user has given his/her consent to such disclosure or unless Lunghezza D'Onda Srl is obligated by law to disclose such data. External service providers of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl, which provide services on behalf and by order of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl, or licensees of Lunghezza D'Onda Srl are not regarded as third parties.

data trasfer

The user is aware that, when data are transferred over the Internet, data protection is not yet ensured in accordance with the current state of technology. In particular, e-mails do not constitute secure communication because it is technically impossible to rule out that the contents could be intercepted. It is the user himself/herself who must ensure the security of the data transmitted by him/her over the Internet.


Showefy is not directed to children under the age of 13 years.
We do not knowingly collect personal data from children under 13 years or under the applicable age limit. If you are under the Age Limit, please do not use Showefy, and do not provide any personal data to us.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may occasionally make changes to this Policy. When we make material changes to this Policy, we’ll provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances, e.g., by displaying a prominent notice or by sending you an email.

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