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Exclusive Suite of Services - showefy® design, sales CPQ, AR, PhygitalStore, E-Com e 3D Adv packages are exclusive and unique services designed to promote online sales, to enhance the in-store experience, to improve engagement of any offer proposal and to lead sales force. showefy® can integrate with Navision®*, SalesForce®*, Oracle®* and the most important ERP, PIM & CRM available on the market.

* All above trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

showefy® design the web configurator

The innovative real-time configuration system that allows to show all product variations through the best overall 360° experience available on the market. Showefy® 3D product configurator works with all mobile and desktop platforms. Show your customers all your products with all the choices available. Provide your sales network with showefy®, it will make selling more engaging therefore increasing your closing rate. Your customers are able to to download images and 3Ds (file format: obj, 3ds, fbx, usdz, glTF) of the configured products or share it though a simple link. showefy® professional adds BIM capabilities to all showefy® design features. Your customers are able to download also parametric files such as revit and ifc

showefy® modular&system

Help your customer choose the composition of their dreams. showefy® modular&system is the one and only platform that allows to configure complex modular products through a web page with such an high visual quality, from professional dishwasher to beautiful sofas and bathrooms.

showefy® sales CPQ

Complementing the unparalleled graphic and interaction immersion experience, showefy® ordering interface allows to effectively manage your sales network through a web portal. Retailers, wholesalers, architects or Interior Designers will all be able to generate beautiful proposals and accurate orders directly from the portal. showefy helps any sales organisation in offering unique services to customers, allowing for a much simpler and exciting decision making.

showefy® AR

Once one has configured products of its liking, would it be a chair, a table, a lamp or any accessory, wouldn’t be ideal to place it exactly where they are envisioned to be? showefy® AR lets you place up to 200 configured products simultaneously in any environment in a simple and smart way. It will look like they are really there thanks to showefy® augmented reality photorealistic quality.


showefy® PhygitalStore:
increase customer engagement

showefy® PhygitalStore is the best and unique way to make any showroom space infinite. Interactivity and quality are taken to extremes. Use it as a catalogue, a showroom and a purchasing experience all in one simple and intuitive solution. Your Solution.

showefy® e-commerce

Replace images of a product with a single interactive asset, let users configure and observe your product through a 360° orbital view, thus allowing everyone to be able to appreciate all its features. E-Commerce with a 3D content is the closest digital experience to being in a physical store.

showefy® 3D Advertisement:
increase customer engagement

Engage your customers with showefy® interactive 3D Advertisements. Run a 3D campaign to increase your traffic and to maximise your online sales. Tell your brand’s story through our interactive 3D banners. Get your customer’s attention with the latest technology in interactive advertising. 3D banners have shown to achieve a 150% higher purchase intent, 65% click-through rate, and an average interaction time of 30s.

Our 3D advertisements can provide you with the following metrics: click-through rates, interaction time per user, demographics & location per user.


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